Tony’s Collection #3: Deadpool (1994) #1

Deadpool (1994) #1

Tony’s Reaction (4.5/5) –

Like the issue from my previous post, I found this issue by chance at the comic book store. I felt really lucky to have found that book when I did. I just had to have it as it was one of Deadpool’s first chances to breakout as a character of his own .

This marks the second time that Deadpool appears in his own solo series. This issue has a lot of really fun surprises like seeing the Juggernaut bust down the walls to rescue his friend, Black Tom. This is also a great look at and the beginning of Deadpool’s infatuation with Siryn and a first glance at Dr. Killebrew.

This issue has action, romance, comedy and does a great job of setting up the story for the next three issues. As always, I loved Deadpool’s clever wit. But it was also nice to see him in his element at his favorite bar. We hear reference to a relationship Deadpool already has with Black Tom from The Circle Chase series from the year before. This feels very much like a continuation from the previous series and a fun setup for the next few issues. Let’s gear up!

Comic Specs –

• UPC: 5960601587-00111

• Publication: August 10, 1994

• Pages: 36

• Cover Price: $2.50

• Writer: Mark Waid

• Penciller: Jason Minor

Synopsis –

SINS OF THE PAST PART 1 When Black Tom’s men break into Deadpool’s favorite bar to kidnap the Merc, Siryn and Banshee show up to help Deadpool out. But with Deadpool’s healing factor on the fritz, can he survive?

Tony’s Copy

Highlight –

My favorite part of this issue was Deadpool’s response to his attempted kidnapping from his favorite bar. There’s the classic banter that comes from Deadpool while he’s defending both himself and the reputation of this bar.

There’s just something special about Deadpool’s ability to find humor in any situation. It must be his unique position, being unkillable and all, that gives him both a lighthearted attitude and perhaps a cynical view of the world. It’s this combination that gives him such quick wit.

After much back and forth, both words and firepower, Deadpool finally ends getting bested. Black Tom’s men freeze him. That’s pretty genius! There probably aren’t many great ways to capture a man who can heal like Deadpool. Too bad for Tom that Banshee and Siryn show up and rescue our Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool trades wit and bullets with Black Tom’s men

Fun fact –

This issue marks the first appearance of Dr. Killebrew, the man ultimately responsible for Deadpool’s physical mutation.

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Tony’s Collection #1: Amazing Spider-Man (1991) #611

Amazing Spider-Man (1991) #611

Tony’s Reaction (5/5) –

Oh man what a first comic book! This issue did not disappoint. After toying with the idea of getting into comic books, this only confirmed what I hoped to be true. This is obviously the reason why people read comics. Needless to stay, I’m here to stay!

So why did I choose this issue as my first comic book? Well, that’s a good question. You see, Deadpool and Spider-Man are probably my favorite Marvel characters alongside Ironman. After reading some blog posts and articles about where to jump into comic book reading I decided to search for issues related to these two characters.

I didn’t expect to find them both on the same cover so quickly. Once I found it, I had to have it

What I love about this comic is that you get the chance to see Deadpool’s personality right up next to Spider-Man’s. You get to see them go head to head, but Deadpool also pays respect to your friendly neighborhood spider.

Comic Specs –

• UPC: 5960604716-61111

• Publication: November 11, 2009

• Pages: 36

• Cover Price: $2.99

• Writer: Joe Kelly

• Penciller: Eric Canete

• Cover Artist: Skottie Young

Synopsis –

Deadpool-Man, Deadpool-Man – does whatever a Deadpool can…spins a web any size – but not really…Deadpool’s don’t have webs. Look out! Here comes the Deadpool-Man! What force on Earth has brought the Merc with a Mouth and the Webheaded Wonder closer together than Quesada and Twitter? And how does it tie to the upcoming Spider story The Gauntlet?! And finally – WHO IS LADY STILT-MAN?! Joe Kelly (DEADPOOL CLASSIC; This issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Eric Canete (IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN) bring you 2079’s top Marvel Comic of the last 70 years (sorry, Dazzler Vol 1 500)!

Tony’s copy – Grade 9.0 RAW

Highlight –

My favorite part of this comic was getting the chance to see Deadpool’s thought process about fighting Spider-Man despite his obvious respect for the young superhero. As can be seen in the image below, he has quite the unique way of brainstorming. Without delay we get immediately introduced to Deadpool’s incredible personality.

Deadpool debates with himself

Fun fact –

This comic book is the first appearance of Lady Stilt-Man.

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Hi I’m Tony, I’m 31, and I’m new to comic books

Hi, I’m Tony. Let’s get it out in the open. I’m 31 years old and I just bought my first comic book. I know, I know. It’s crazy! But I mean to make up for it. I will use this blog as a space to share my experience as I learn more about comic books and the characters found in them.

So a little about me. I have been married to an incredible woman for just under 9 years we have two marvelous kids together. I work as a product manager at Xevant, a PBM (pharmaceutical benefit management) analytics company.

I studied chemical engineering for 5+ years at the University of Utah until I decided to leave school (in the middle of a midterm exam) to start a company. Well, that company did not do so well. But I learned a lot, and in the process I was introduced to data. I went back to school and got a bachelor’s degree in data management and data analytics from Western Governor’s University. Since then I have started working on a master’s degree in data science at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse.

I have been interested in superheroes for as long as I can remember. When I was 4 I would put underwear on my head and pretend I was Spiderman. When I was 8 my dreams came true when I saw Tobey Maguire don the suit in the first ever live-action Spiderman movie. But then, everything changed when I saw Ironman when I was 16. That movie changed EVERYTHING! Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of many various superheroes such as Ironman and Deadpool.

So now that I’m 31 I decided to venture into the comics to get to know the characters better. I know I’m late to the game, but I can’t wait to get started.