Hi I’m Tony, I’m 31, and I’m new to comic books

Hi, I’m Tony. Let’s get it out in the open. I’m 31 years old and I just bought my first comic book. I know, I know. It’s crazy! But I mean to make up for it. I will use this blog as a space to share my experience as I learn more about comic books and the characters found in them.

So a little about me. I have been married to an incredible woman for just under 9 years we have two marvelous kids together. I work as a product manager at Xevant, a PBM (pharmaceutical benefit management) analytics company.

I studied chemical engineering for 5+ years at the University of Utah until I decided to leave school (in the middle of a midterm exam) to start a company. Well, that company did not do so well. But I learned a lot, and in the process I was introduced to data. I went back to school and got a bachelor’s degree in data management and data analytics from Western Governor’s University. Since then I have started working on a master’s degree in data science at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse.

I have been interested in superheroes for as long as I can remember. When I was 4 I would put underwear on my head and pretend I was Spiderman. When I was 8 my dreams came true when I saw Tobey Maguire don the suit in the first ever live-action Spiderman movie. But then, everything changed when I saw Ironman when I was 16. That movie changed EVERYTHING! Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of many various superheroes such as Ironman and Deadpool.

So now that I’m 31 I decided to venture into the comics to get to know the characters better. I know I’m late to the game, but I can’t wait to get started.



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